What is a Study Club?

Libraries are crowded, coffee shops are noisy, and trying to work at home with room-mates can be … challenging. A study club is a controlled space designed to the needs of today’s student. As more and more students and class offerings shift to online delivery, we offer a safe, dedicated space to, simply, study better.

We will be limiting access to workspace at DeskHouse Study Club to an exclusive number of members.

Our vision for DeskHouse is directly shaped during our experiences in the COVID-19 crisis. Knowing the landscape of education, work, and shared space would shift dramatically, we incorporated philosophies of physical distancing into our new study club.

First, we shifted from a communal shared-access model akin to those in the coworking world, like WeWork and VentureClub. Workspaces at DeskHouse are not shared. They are each dedicated to an individual member. Next, we lowered the headcount, increasing physical space for each desk and member. The space is partitioned by privacy screens and low-occupancy private work rooms. Different membership levels determine the amount of privacy your workspace will feature: from a fully private office to a private desk in an open air work zone.

DeskHouse will also feature behavioural concepts for it’s staff and members to follow; one-way traffic, hand sanitizer stations, a single occupant elevator, and adjusted meeting room occupancies. Unlike other places to study, DeskHouse is professionally cleaned and sanitized by our team daily. Every surface is routinely sanitized by electrostatic sanitization technology. Study confidently, knowing your work surface has been cleaned since the last time you’ve visited.

In the peak of mid-term season, libraries and coffee shops become the wild west. With your own assigned desk, you never need to be worried about finding space within the crowd, or worse, losing the coveted spot to take a break. At DeskHouse, your desk is dedicated to you and your studies. Make it your own with plants, pictures, and accessories.

We absolutely love the comradery, conversation, and companionship that bubbles within the local coffee shop. The café is a classic place for students to get some work done, while grabbing a coffee or quick bite. The thing is, coffee shops aren’t designed for studying – they are noisy, busy, and expensive. DeskHouse Study Club will feature a full service espresso bar, serving handcrafted beverages, coffee, tea and snacks. Drinks are included in membership. Heading to the club? Call ahead and we’ll have your favourite drink ready for you.

Everything else you need to study is also covered. Meeting rooms to break away and work collaboratively? Check. Blazing fast Wi-Fi for video calls and online lectures? Check. Print and scanning services for the note perfectionist? Double check.

Being a student is hard. Being a student during the Covid-19 era is hard beyond words. Let US focus on empowering your productivity so YOU can focus on getting done what you need to.