Covid-19 Policies

At DeskHouse, we understand the innate risks posed by the novel coronavirus. Therefore, we pledge to do everything in our power to safeguard the health and wellness of members, staff, and the Kingston community at large.

To that end, we have instituted several key policies to minimize the risk of transmission within our space:

  • Entrance is not permitted if you...
    • Are experiencing any of the symptoms of Covid-19, including, but not limited to: fever, cough, difficulty breathing, muscle ache, headache, runny nose/sore throat.
    • Have come into contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the past 14 days.
    • Have been instructed by local health authorities to self-isolate due to travel or contact history.
  • Non-members must not enter the space unless being toured safely by staff, are using a promotional trial pass, or are escorted into a booked meeting room by the member who has booked it.
  • Masks must be worn any time you are moving through transitional areas. A general rule to follow is: "If you are standing, wear a mask!" Members and staff may remove their masks when they are seated at their dedicated work space, or if they have entered into a booked meeting room and are seated two metres apart from others.
  • Meeting room capacities have been adjusted for safe physical distancing. Meeting rooms must not be used unless properly booked with DeskHouse staff or through our mobile app.
  • Maintain safe physical distancing whenever possible. We have installed easy-to-follow movement instructions within the space. 
  • Practice good transmission hygiene. DeskHouse has added automatic sanitizer dispensers at all high-traffic touch points. Make sure that you sanitize properly after touching shared objects/surfaces. Be mindful of not touching shared objects/surfaces unnecessarily.
  • Desks are dedicated for a reason. Do not touch another member's work station unnecessarily. Every work station will be clearly labelled based on ownership. Please respect that.
  • Finally, be a collaborative study club member. Our staff will do our utmost to keep everyone safe, but that only works when we also have members who are actively invested in our health. We are in this together!


Our Increased Measures...

  • Daily cleaning and disinfection facilitated by a passionate and detail-oriented team.
  • Cutting edge electrostatic sanitation technology is being employed to holistically disinfect surfaces.
  • We have reduced overall membership capacity and built safe physical distancing into our very floor plan!
  • In open areas, functional (yet stylish) transmission barriers separate work stations.
  • We are reducing transmission potential at our Clubhouse Café wherever possible. Drinks and snacks will be prepared/served while wearing a mask and gloves. If members have their own beverage container, they are encouraged to bring it for use at our Clubhouse Café.


Thank you for reading and understanding our policies! Everyone is still learning how best to operate during these challenging times. If you have a question regarding our Covid policies/measures, please contact us through the following channels.


Phone: (613) 777-0412

In person: Any of our staff will be more than happy to answer any question you have. If we don't have an answer for you in the moment, we will find one!