Study Tips and Tricks for Every Student

As once students ourselves, we can appreciate that studying is not everyone’s favourite activity, but it has to get done. We also understand that everyone is unique in their studying methods!

We have compiled a list of great suggestions that will help take your studying to the next level and make sure that you’re effectively utilizing your time. Let’s get started!

First off, space is such a crucial element of studying. I’ve always found it hard to stay focused AND motivated at a desk when it’s next to a dark cement wall with poor lighting.  

Some students definitely need that solitary space away from people and distraction – and that’s totally okay! DeskHouse provides different space arrangements and options for you! We understand that students are different from one another and need different options to take their studying to the next level.

Check out our membership options to see which one works best for you!

Even if you do need a quieter and more self-isolated space – you still want that space to be comfortable, relaxing and calming. All of these factors will help you stay motivated and focused on your studying. Last thing I wanted to study next to was a cold cement wall in the stacks of a library. That is why we have arranged for private suites where you can feel like this is YOUR space with YOUR desk. Decorate your space the way you want to make it an inviting place to study.

I found that I needed a space that was comfortable, neat and relaxing that still included a social component. I needed to be around people that were also studying or working to really help fuel my motivation. However, sometimes it can be hard to focus in an area that has a lot of background noise. My tip? Throw in some headphones and listen to non-lyrical music. If you don’t like classical music that’s okay! Spotify has great reading and studying music from movie soundtracks so you can remain in a social area while still focusing on that essay that needs writing.

Check out my favourite Study playlist to listen to: 

Explosions in the Sky


Spotify Albums

There is a full genre called “Study” that has lots of playlists that are subdivided into categories. Are you in an intense study mode? Are you pulling an all-nighter? Spotify’s got you covered! 

We’ve all been there – you’ve been sitting in your chair for 5 hours and have barely touched your water bottle or coffee. You are in the zone. We get it. But don’t forget to give yourself a break. You need a break and your studying will benefit from it. Here are some great ideas for a break:

 Take your eyes of your screen!

  • Give your eyes a rest from your books or your computer screen
  • Take a walk around the building – go check in on your friends and see if they need a break too
  • Check out one of our break rooms or our comfy lounge area
  • Grab a snack or better yet a coffee to fuel you up for your next round of studying
  • Come chat with us! We love to chat and get to know our members better! PS. sometimes we even have our puppy friend Archie visit. Come by our espresso bar for some puppy love and chats! 

Everyone studies differently! If you are someone like me then you need to re-write those notes! I loved re-writing my notes when I have time before an exam or a test. I would get different coloured pens and highlighters. This would help me stay organized and would allow me to remember certain sections better. It was also a fun! Well, as fun as studying gets.

Writing your notes in short form on a whiteboard is also a great technique to solidify those concepts in your mind. Having your notes written in a different space rather than on your laptop or notebook can help you solidify those concepts even more and it’s a fun way to change up your studying! Our whiteboards are located in our meeting rooms and give you ample space to write out all your study notes.

If you have exhausted your hands from re-writing or typing out your notes then take that rest and talk it out! Get a peer or a friend to have a discussion with you about the topic. This has always helped me once I have re-written my notes and I need a different way of studying to help engrain those topics in my head. Get quizzed! Give them your notes and have them ask YOU questions on it. Having trouble answering those questions in certain sections? That’s okay! This will give you insight on what section or area you really need to hone in on in your studying. 

Organization is key to having a productive day of studying!

Start with a list – write it in your notebook or on your laptop. It’s easy to write down EVERYTHING you need to get done for the coming weeks. This is sometimes called a “Brain Dump” and can be useful if you are feeling overwhelmed with everything on your To Do list. I found it helpful to do this before heading into a big studying session – it relieved stress because I knew I wasn’t forgetting anything that needed to get done.

It’s also REALLY important to take that big “Brain Dump” and narrow it down. Make smaller lists that are achievable for you that day. Having a list of 3-5 To Do’s is a great way to keep yourself accountable without getting overwhelmed or feeling bad that not everything on your list got done for the day. Do you need a bunch of readings to get done and also have to write a paper? Your list for the day may look like this:

  • Start brainstorming outline for essay
    • Create short bullet point outline
  • Read Chapter 1-2
  • Start researching point 1 of your essay – collect all quotes and sources
  • Read Chapter 3-4
  • Research point 2 of your essay – collect all quotes and sources

Sometimes working on the same assignment for hours is tiresome – change it up! Allot a certain amount of time for each task – this way you make sure you keep moving on even if something doesn’t get 100% done. The hardest part is starting something – it’s much easier to go back to it the next day or in a few hours!

Staying organized is a great way to accomplish your goals and relieve a bit of that added stress on your shoulders. Cause really – who needs that?! School can be stressful enough – make sure to help yourself in these situations. This will let you stay calm, cool, and collected!

At DeskHouse we are here to help make your life easier as a student. We hope with these useful tips and tricks for studying you feel better prepared with different ways to get the most out of your study session!